About You

Do you feel overwhelmed with what’s going on in life? 

Do you feel feel anxious or stressed? 

Are you sad, scared or angry about things that have happened, are happening or may happen?

Could you benefit from a place to relax, reflect and understand more about yourself?

Stress, grief, anxiety, anger, fear, loneliness, sadness are all feelings experienced at some time in our lives. When these feelings, thoughts or situations become overwhelming, distressing or interfere with day to day living, it can create difficult relationships with partners, friends, parents or colleagues. It may lead to depression, isolation, low self-esteem or other problems that can affect health and well-being.

Area’s of Expertise

Some areas of expertise include:
• Anxiety
• Confidence
• Depression
• Men’s Wellbeing
• Panic Attack
• Phobia
• Post Traumatic Stress
• Relationship Anxiety/Issues
• Stress
• Workplace Stress

Counselling offers you a confidential place to explore issues and feelings without any pressure or judgement. In doing so it can help reduce confusion and encourage change - to improve your life and live it more fully.


BMA House, Suite 704
135 Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW

PLEASE PHONE 02 9146 4700